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Sunday, June 18, 2017

We’ve Got Your Back … strength from the other side

“We’ve got your back.” The message was as clear as if someone had spoken the words aloud. The thought came with the first feather. My people on the other side know I connect feathers with signs from them and so that is what they send me most often. Sometimes the messages come with music.

Our son was in the hospital yet again. We were getting ready to visit him and hoping to see his doctor, hoping to see some relief in sight for him. As I started to step into the shower, I looked outside to the enclosed patio off our bathroom and there I spied one perfect gray feather lying dead center on the rug. I could feel a whole team behind that feather – Anita, our son’s grandmother Esther, and my guides. Who knows who else was there to send the message but it came through to me as loud and clear as if they were shouting. WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

And that feather was just the first sign they sent me. The rest of the day was filled with them. On the way home from the hospital, after what felt like encouraging news from Dale’s oncologist, the inspiring, supportive song, You Raise Me Up, came on the radio. It always lifts my spirits and gives me hope. This time was no different and I knew, just knew it was another sign. But then, as if the message wasn’t clear enough, a few minutes later I heard You Are My Special Angel.

Now, I have learned from my friend Joy Collins and SusanneWilson the Carefree Medium that if you want to keep signs from the other side coming, it is important to acknowledge them. So, “Thank you,” I thought, a little surprised to have received so many signs in one day. But I suppose that someone over there must have thought I would really need a lot of extra support through the coming days, because as we entered our favorite restaurant for dinner that evening, what did I see? One final feather right in the middle of the entry just inside the door where feathers do not belong. Again, I heard, “We’ve got your back” echoing in my mind.

Things have not gone as well as we had hoped since that day. The news is not encouraging and I suspect some very difficult days are ahead of us. But one thing I know for sure is that I have a circle of shining spirits around me to help get us through the next days and weeks. There is comfort in that. There is comfort in knowing that such a loving, powerful group of spirits is sending me strength. They do in fact have my back.

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