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Saturday, August 5, 2017

We’re Just Having an Adventure... by Betts McCalla

We’re Just Having an Adventure...
These were the words my husband would say to me when we were lost and he was being too manly to stop and ask for directions. I almost starved to death one day when we were first dating because he knew the restaurant he wanted to take me to for lunch, (we skipped breakfast because lunch was going to be wonderful), was just up the road about 20 miles from Mankato and it had white pillars out front. About 3PM he finally admitted defeat and we settled for greasy burgers and French fries with brown gravy in a biker bar. We were having an adventure. This was in the olden days before cars came equipped with GPS and before all cell phones were born again as smart phones. Can you believe we drove coast to coast unaided by online directions? What pioneers you must think we were. It was just us and those handy little triptiks that AAA printed up for the asking as part of their member services. Staying in touch with the office amounted to one daily phone call.

It’s hard to believe how unfettered we were. And how fearless. Leaving the house now, without a cell phone is tantamount to disaster. You have an improperly clothed feeling and all day long you are reaching for your phone. These days my entire life is in my cell phone. Medical, business and personal information all fit into the palm of my hand. It even tells me how many hours and the quality of my sleep time. The contact listing section includes past and present important and no longer important people that have been grandfathered in from my last three Android phones. I no longer bother using my battery devouring Canon sure shot camera opting instead for the convenience and acceptable quality of photos taken with my Edge.

I leave my Nook at home as I have all the digital reading and musical apps on my phone. And my phone is faster for internet searches than my higher priced personal computer. Just remember to edit if you use voice commands to send text messages. Recently a friend called her husband to let him know the plumber would arrive at 6PM and asked for him to text her back to confirm receiving the message since the husband would need to be home to meet him. The text that she received read “Yes to sex with the plumber. Let’s just get it over with. What time will you be home?”

These devices are all part of our New Now. They are adaptations we rely upon to avoid the fear of seeming vulnerable or becoming a victim. When you are alone, the loneliness breeds avoidance of intimacy. I think our lives have become so techno dependent because we choose to avoid 3 dimensional interaction with people. I wouldn’t mind having an adventure right about now.

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