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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

There are no coincidences

"There are no coincidences."
How many times in my metaphysical journey have I heard that statement? Many times. Almost to the point that it has become meaningless.
Then something happens and it stops me in my tracks and I smile and think "Okay, you got me there. I need to pay attention more often."
This past week was just such an epiphany.
I'm sure most of you know my book is titled I Will Never Leave You and a little stone angel is prominent in one of the stories in my book and eventually inspired the title.
I had a beautiful coincidence surrounding that little angel this past week.
A woman who had read my book emailed me. She wrote that my book touched her heart as she had also lost her husband. They had been married 61 years. I can only imagine the loss she feels.
She told me she was deeply attracted to the stone angel. Its message spoke to her and she wanted to know where she could get one.
She felt it would comfort her as it does me.
I emailed her back with the information of where I had found it. But that had been way back in 2010. I had no idea if the store still had them.
And, as it turned out, they in fact no longer carried it.
Then this past Sunday I attended my Church in Scottsdale and suddenly felt the desire to browse in their gift shop after Mass.
Lo and behold they had a basket full of the same little angel for sale!
I was thrilled.
I immediately bought one for my new friend. I couldn't wait to get home to let her know.
As you can imagine, she was so happy.
I dropped it in the mail to her yesterday.
I just know in my heart that her dear husband nudged me that morning because he wanted to be able to tell her that he was still with her, still loving her, and they would be together again.
I am honored and blessed to be used by him in that way.
He got his message to her but he also got a message to me, too.
There are no coincidences.

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