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"He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began." - Leo Tolstoy

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

You Are Not Alone

I never know when something will remind me of how sorrow can affect life. On Thanksgiving Day, I was watching the Macy’s parade, a tradition I love. Usually, I multi-task and watch bits of the parade as I prepare for the day ahead. As always, NBC featured songs from various Broadway shows. When the song, You Will Be Found from the show Dear Evan Hansen came on, I heard the lyrics and immediately stopped what I was doing as I listened to this remarkable piece of music. By the time the song was over, I was on the verge of tears.

The song starts with the plaintive line, “Have you ever felt like nobody was there?” Now, that is an attention-grabber! How could I not think of friends and family who have lost loved ones and are left feeling like there is nobody there? How could I not be reminded of my own sorrows and how I bury them so deeply?

Grief is isolating. That is an undeniable fact. No matter how hard we try to maintain connections, solitude inevitably creeps in and we are left alone with our sorrow, our memories of what is no more. The feelings can be so painful they become paralyzing and solitude is easier than moving to open the door. The one you love is gone and your heart is numb. The memorials are a thing of the past. The “official” mourning period is over. And one by one, people have drifted away. Perhaps you have turned them away, but the fact remains that it is so easy to feel completely alone. These are the dark days.

But there is light there. You have but to open your eyes and see it. You are not truly alone. Friends still love you. The truest ones never stop searching for ways to touch you, to ease your grief. As you wander, lost, in the dark forest of your sorrow, they are sending search parties out, calling your name in hopes you will hear. And one day, when you are ready to begin healing, you will hear them. You will be found.

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